Fair Work Ombudsman

The Fair Work Ombudsman is an independent statutory office which has a legislative responsibility to promote harmonious, productive and cooperative workplaces, and educate people working in Australia about their workplace rights and obligations.

Winner of the Melbourne Design Award 2014 for Branded Experience.

The purpose of the Annual Wage Review 2014 campaign was to raise awareness amongst workplace participants about the annual wage review, drive traffic to the new website and promote customer self-service. We created a set of characters, each related to one of the four launch stages of the campaign. Delivering key messages in a simple and clear manner across digital communications, through social media channels and EDM’s. The new Annual Wage Review campaign is friendly, engaging, and accessible – encouraging clients to subscribe to updates and follow on social media.

Scope: Campaign Identity, Illustrations, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM), Google Advertising, Images for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Banners for the FWO Intranet, Posters