Australia Post Philatelic

Winner of the 2008 Create Design Award for illustration.

With more than 100 Christmas stamp designs that have been sent on mail nationally and internationally from Australia Post since 1957, the challenge was to come up with a new way of interpreting the Christmas story. Falinc drew on familiar symbols and characters of the Nativity as the central element of each design, combined with elements reminiscent of Christmas decorations and of stained glass windows one may find in a church. Falinc developed unique patterned motifs for each stamp, emphasising their symbolic significance. The designs are deliberately intricate and detailed. Surfaces are ornamented and embellished. The use of gold alludes to the richness of religious icons; the depth of colour reflects the vibrant qualities of Christmas baubles.

Scope: Postage stamp series, Illustration, Aerogramme, Stamp pack cover, Christmas cards, Gift cards, Pre-paid envelopes, Wrapping paper
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