Himmelzimmer is an architectural design practice in Melbourne dedicated to investigating an architecture that evolves from a continuous dialogue of imaginative and practical thinking.

The himmelzimmer name is a combination of two words of German origin, a reflection of founder Dirk Zimmermann’s European background – ‘zimmer’ taken from Zimmermann, in German means ‘a room’, which together with the word ‘himmel’, equates to ‘a room in the sky’. The hard edged lineal forms of the himmelzimmer logotype reflect architectural precision and the structural element of architecture – while the flamboyant colourfields, which transition throughout time, talk of the poetic, and the creativity of inspired built solutions. There are five colourfields in the himmelzimmer brand, which vary in application across all brand touchpoints: dawn, sunrise, midday, sunset, and dusk.

Scope: Brand Identity, Stationery, Forms, Notepad, Brand Guidelines, Signage