St Michael’s Grammar School — Donor Recognition

Our goal for St Michael’s Grammar School was to provide a donor recognition board sympathetic to the subtleties of the architecture, while recognising the contributions of donors, encouraging future donors, and inspiring staff and students.

Falinc received a Merit Award from the Society of Environmental Graphic Design USA, for their donor recognition sculpture

The front face of the sculpture comprises a flat stencilled sheet, and with each donation made to the fund, the donor’s name is added onto the wooden ‘stem’ on the left hand side. The corresponding aluminium stem is then released from the board (to reveal the oak panel underneath), and curled out to become a part of an ever changing and evolving sculpture. The solution is a sculpture that accommodates future donor recognition, while appearing complete.

Scope: Donor recognition sculpture, Commemorative plaques, Honour board, Building signage, Directional signage. Product Design & Manufacture