Australia Post Philatelic

The ‘With Love’ stamp series for Australia Post are designed to express the many different types of love, whether friendship, affection, love for family, as well as romantic love.

They were released for Valentine’s Day 2018, the traditional day for sending cards to sweethearts and lovers. We set out to design a strikingly different interpretation of Love and Affection for Australia Post’s annual Love themed stamps. The designs needed to be versatile and inclusive of all types of Love, while also communicating affection and goodwill, appealing to a diverse audience from the Australian general public to International stamp collectors, across a wide range of age groups. Ideally the set of stamps would be used on multiple occasions, for instance; Weddings, Engagements, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Births and Bereavements etc. The designs had to be iconic, yet flexible enough for Australia Post to create supporting material and merchandise.

Scope: Postage Stamp Series, Illustration, Stamp Pack, Maxicards, First Day Cover, Stamp Booklet, Stamp Sheets
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